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World's Fair 2.0

A teen-led augmented reality mobile game about how the World's Fairs shaped Queens, New York.

Created for the Regeneration exhibition at the New York Hall of Science curated by Steve Dietz and Amanda Parkes, World's Fair 2.0 is an augmented reality mobile scavenger hunt that bridges Queens' history past and present with the question: how did the 1939 and 1964 World's Fairs shape the region's geography and its collectively imagined future? What are the continuities between utopian visions from the past and today's vision for Queens' future?

The project was created through a workshop led by Studio REV- and artist Stephanie Rothenberg where 14 teens learned to program while learning about who and what forces shaped of Queens.

Project Details

COMMISSION : Regeneration, an exhibition curated by Steve Dietz and Amanda Parkes for the New York Hall of Science

DATE : 2012

TAGS : Workshop, Digital Experiences, App, Design/Communications


FUNDING : Mozilla Foundation, Robert Bowne Foundation, New York Hall of Science