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Pro+agonist: The Art of Opposition

A book and set of playing cards that embrace "productive friction."
Editor/Designer: Marisa Jahn
Contributors: Anjum Asharia, John Seely Brown, D. Graham Burnett, Carl DiSalvo, Marisa Jahn, Jean-Francois Lyotard, Chantal Mouffe, Warren Sack, Steve Shada, Mark Shepard, Doris Sommer, McKenzie Wark, Cornel West, Colson Whitehead

About the Book and Playing Cards

Pro+agonist: The Art of Opposition is a book and set of playing cards that explore the productive possibilities of 'agonism,' or a relationship built on mutual incitement and struggle. Designed in black and blue — the colors of a good bruise — Pro+agonist brings together writings by interdisciplinary artists, scientists, CEO's, crackpots, war strategists, psychotherapists, and philosophers who raise questions about the importance of political dissent, the function of discord in discourse, the rules of escalating conflict, the roles of parasites within systems, the ins and outs of concord and congress, and more. The book's introduction, written as a disagreement between a cast of fictional characters, is (arguably) more stimulating than if it were written from a single, unified perspective. Readers will emerge with a greater appreciation for duking it out and taking it to the streets. p.s. - There's a half-inch hole running through the center of both the book and the playing cards so that you can peek through, frame the Other, and keep them with you as you read along.

. D. Graham Burnett (left) and Cornel West (right) enjoy an agonistic chit chat in Cooper Union's Great Hall, 2012.

Book Launch

In New York City (10/10/2012): Cooper Union

Keynote Conversation

Cornel West, scholar, author, and activist
D. Graham Burnett, author and Professor, Princeton University.

Saskia Bos, Curator, Art Historian, Critic; Dean, The School of Art at The Cooper Union
Marisa Jahn, Artist, Editor of 'Pro+Agonist,' and Executive Director of REV-
McKenzie Wark, new media theorist
Carl DiSalvo, author of 'Adversarial Design'
Jill Magid, artist, writer, and Professor, The Cooper Union
Cristina Goberna and Urtzi Grau, Principals, Fake Industries Architectural Agonism
Mendi+Keith Obadike, artists/poets

In Minneapolis at The Walker Art Center (4/13/12)

'Pro+agonist' first launched as a literary companion to the three day symposium entitled "Discourse and Discord: Architecture of Agonism from the Kitchen Table to the City Street" co-presented by Northern and The Walker Center. Other presenters at the symposium include: Steve Dietz, Carl DiSalvo, Ashley Duffalo, Mark Shepard, Warren Sack, Krzysztof Wodiczko, John Rajchman, and the Prairie Lady Fire Choir.

A video from The Walker Art Center's symposium on agonism.
Project Details

CLIENT/COMMISSION : Walker Art Center, Northern

DATE : 2012-2013

BUY :Printed Matter (NYC)

ISBN : 9780985185305

LAUNCH : Walker Art Center, Cooper Union

TAGS : Design/Communications