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New Day New Standard
(now the Domestic Worker App)

A "public art nanny hotline" —think Click and Clack on NPR's Car Talk —but for nannies.

New Day New Standard (now the "Domestic Worker App") began as a "public art nanny hotline" intended to inform the 200,000+ nannies, housekeepers, and caregivers in New York State about the landmark 2010 Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. It's now grown to a nation-wide initiative intended for 2.5 million workers across the U.S.

Equal parts advice and humor—think NPR's "Car Talk" for nannies—users can call in with any kind of phone and at any hour to listen to different humorous episodes about topics such as overtime wages, paying your taxes, slavery and trafficking, and more. But this is no drab and dry reading of the law. When you call the hotline number, you hear what sounds like a radio talk show 'hosted' by Christine Lewis, a real nanny in New York whose charisma landed her a guest spot on The Colbert Report. You'll also hear a colorful cast of characters — a bevy of bedbugs, a pair of wheezing lungs, a ubiquitous Miss KNow-It-All who inform listeners about the growing movement, health and safety tips, domestic worker history, and more.

The Domestic Worker App functions as a key media component of a various states' campaigns to inform domestic workers and their employers about their rights and responsibilities under the law. Recognized as a unique open-source tool that effectively reaches low-wage workers with low print-literacy levels, the Domestic Worker App has been appeared in dozens of network broadcast media, blogs, print media, and major newspapers.

Project Details

COLLABORATORS : Brazilian Immigrant Center, Domestic Worker Coalitions in CA, MA, and NY, Domestic Workers United, Community Development Project of the Urban Justice Center, Golden Gate University Women's Law Clinic, National Domestic Workers Alliance, National Employment Law Project (NELP), MIT Center for Civic Media, MIT Open Doc Lab, NuLawLab at Northeastern University School of Law, Terravoz.

DATE : 2012 and ongoing

TAGS :Workshop, Design/Communications, On the Ground, Digital Experiences, App

FUNDING : Tribeca Film Festival, Rockefeller Foundation, Funding Exchange, North Star Fund, MIT Community Service Fund, MIT Council for the Arts, NuLawLab, individual donors.

PRESS : The New York Times, CNN, BBC, GOOD magazine, Univision, El Diario/La Prensa, New York 1 Notícias, PBS POV, MIT Center for Art, Science, and Technology