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An augmented reality mobile sdventure. Sleuth to learn about microorganisms & ecological balance!

Produced in cahoots with a team of teens, scientists, and educators at the American Museum of Natural History in Spring 2014, MicroRangers is an augmented reality mobile game that involves players in learning about the role that microorganisms play in maintaining ecological balance. Along the way, our team learned how to use green screens to teleport individuals from the walls of AMNH to the insides of a discotheque, designed eye-popping graphics to trigger augments, and visited hidden laboratories to learn about the cutting-edge microscopic scientific discoveries.

Learn more about the process here

→ Check out the demo:

→ Watch the students' presentation:
Project Details

CLIENT : American Museum of Natural History

ROLE : Art Direction, Curriculum Consulting, Teaching, Design

DATE : 2014

TAGS : Workshop, App, Digital Experiences, Design/Communications